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Constitucional limits on the power of the executive

Elsa Genoveva Guerra Rodríguez *Elsa Genoveva Guerra Rodríguez *

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Traditionally relegated because of political pressure and public expectations, courts in Latin America are increasingly asserting a stronger role in public and political discussions. This casebook takes account of this phenomenon, by offering a rigorous and up-to-date discussion of constitutional adjudication in Latin America in recent decades. Bringing to the forefront the development of constitutional law by Latin American courts in various subject matters, the volume aims to highlight a host of creative arguments and solutions that judges in the region have offered.

The authors review and discuss innovative case law in light of the countries’ social, political and legal context. Each chapter is devoted to a discussion of a particular area of judicial review, from freedom of expression to social and economic rights, from the internalization of human rights law to judicial checks on the economy, from gender and reproductive rights to transitional justice. The book thus provides a very useful tool to scholars, students and litigants alike.

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Introduction; Equal protection, Laura Clérico, Liliana Ronconi and Martín Aldao; Religious freedom, Marcelo Alegre and Pedro Salazar Ugarte; Abortion, Paola Bergallo and Agustina Ramón Michel; LGBTI rights, Camila Gianella and Bruce M. Wilson; Prisons and prisoners’ rights, Juan F. González-Bertomeu; Freedom of expression and social protest, Roberto Gargarella and Ramiro Alvarez Ugarte; Transitional justice, Leonardo Filippini and Agustín Cavana; The protection of social rights, Oscar Parra Vera; The protection of the environment, María Florencia Saulino and Luis José Torres Asencio; The protection of the rights of indigenous peoples, Silvina Ramírez and Nahuel Maisley; Constitutional limits on the power of the executive, Agustín Grijalva, Elsa Guerra and Dunia Martínez; Economic regulation and judicial review, Mariana Prado and Rene Urueña; International law and domestic adjudication, Fernando Basch and Jorge Contesse; Index.




The Latin American casebook. New York: Routledge, 2016.