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Childbirth by cesarean section: Legal issues and implications

Patricia Oton Olivieri
1991 | National Library of Canada = Bibliothèque nationale du Canada

The purpose of this thesis is to study a medical practice, childbirth by cesarean section, analyze the legal issues and implications derived from this modern obstetrical practice; in order to develop policy recommendations to address the issues and concerns identified. The specific objectives of this thesis are the following: (1) To describe and present an overview of cesarean section as a major surgical procedure. (2) To present an overview of this medical practice under feminist perspectives. (3) To analyze the legal issues associated with the practice of cesarean sections. (4) To determine and analyze the legal implications of the increased cesarean section rates and unnecessary cesarean sections. (5) To develop policy recommendations to address the possible causes of the issues or concerns related to childbirth by cesarean section.
The methodology utilized for the attainment of the stated objectives were: review, discussion and critique of secondary data from epidemiological studies, medical journals, guidelines and recommendations of medical associations and health authorities, case law and literature review of articles and books. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)