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Rebuscadores Indignation about the Legal Misrecognition of the Most Vulnerable Segment of the Working Poor in Bogotá

Laura Cecilia Porras Santanilla

This paper will argue that a good way to misrecognize and deny basic social benefits to those most in need is to inscribe them in broad categories that they do not identify with, that do not allow others to have a clear image of who they are, and that do not give them a place in the overall social space. I suggest that we can group Bogotá’s most vulnerable workers under the name rebuscadores which is distinctive in class terms. Re-buscador is a made-up word in Spanish which suggests that someone is looking all the time for something, in this case, for a way to make a living and survive. If those workers become visible and gain legal recognition (as the proletariat once did) it will be easier to procure legal protection for them, which is one of the ways to fight against longstanding socio-economic inequalities.

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The Legal Architecture of Populism: Exploring Antagonists in Venezuela and Colombia

Helena Alviar García, Gerald L. Neuman
| Cambridge University Press

This chapter examines populism in Latin America as a method of exercising power, rather than a specific set of substantive provisions. It explores the commonalities between left-populism and right-populism as illustrated by two ideologically opposing figures, Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Álvaro Uribe in Colombia. Despite their contrasting social and economic policies, there were more similarities than differences in the legal architecture they deployed. In both cases, the preferred tools included the resort to referenda to circumvent and control the legislature, delegitimation of the opposition, and activation of mechanisms allowing the executive to legislate by decree. Their methods illustrate how populist leaders use tools to produce arguments of legitimacy for their selection of winners and losers in society.